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"SEBASTIAN"AUG. 19/98 - APR. 24/06


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In the early hours of this morning, my beloved Sebastian lost his gallant battle against meningitis. Throughout his illness he remained stoic, determined and courageous, enjoying everyone and everything that he loved to the end.

Chris and I wish to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the wonderful, loving, respectful, dignified and excellent care that Sebastian received all throughout his life from Dr. Roger Kocheff and his exceptional staff. To the end these wonderful people gave above and beyond, and they are a compliment to their profession.  Sebastian knew and loved them, and  expressed this by licking Dr. Kocheff's shoe or hand in thanks for  efforts to give him comfort. Okay, a few times he did try to eat Dr. K's tie or chew the stethoscope!  Sebastian always went into the clinic willingly , knowing that he was  loved there.  Thank you, Hillary, for sleeping on the floor at Sebastian's side so that he wouldn't be alone or frightened during that last, difficult, long night.........



I can't imagine life without him.  This magnificent, loyal, devoted, loving, mischief, spoiled, indulged, charming, stubborn, playful, breath-taking fellow has always been a highly respected member of our family, and one of my very best friends.  Further, Sebastian has been a wonderful ambassador for the breed.

Sebastian has left behind some very precious gifts...fifteen wonderful puppies and now thirteen grand-puppies!  I am so very thankful that their families keep so in touch, especially now.  I see Sebastian's eyes in the puppies and I know that I will find comfort there.

Sharlene and Greg, thank you so much for 'gifting' this magnificent dog to me.  I know how much you loved him, too.


I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden 

Well maybe that is true. 

I never wanted memories, 

I only wanted you. 


A million times I needed you, 

A million times I cried. 

If love alone could have saved you 

You never would have died. 


In life I loved you dearly, 

In death I love you still. 

In my heart you hold a place 

No one could ever fill. 


If tears could build a stairway 

And heartache make a lane, 

I'd walk the path to heaven 

And bring you back again. 


Our family chain is broken, 

And nothing seems the same. 

But as God calls us one by one, 

The chain will link again. 


Author Unknown  





Sebastian is our first Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a magnificent , regal and loyal friend and is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  Sebastian has perfect markings, a gorgeous head and incredibly beautiful movement. He takes my breath away when I watch him move in the show ring! He is friendly, gentle and intelligent, not to mention terribly spoiled ! 

Sebastian enjoys the show ring, and thanks to Sharlene Whittaker (his co-owner for many years and his breeder), he achieved his championship title at ten months old.  Since then, with the capable handling of Cheryl , he achieved International Championship title ,along with multiple group wins. Sebastian was sixth ranked Bernese Mountain Dog in Canada in 2001.




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sebastion wins international championship and 7 medals



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