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Canadian/International Champion-

Chelledave's Catherine Rapsody

hollyChris and I got Holly just before Christmas, and she was such a delightful addition to our family. Sebastian liked her immediately! Holly attached to Chris right at the start, and it was obvious thatshe was "his girl". Holly always shows such confidence when she is with Chris....nobody can show her quite like he can. She moves with such grace , and stands perfectly. Holly is the great "Houdini" of our group....she gets herself (and Sebastian)into mischief. Holly is curious, VERY intelligent, and is very affectionate. She is distinctly feminine and has beautiful markings and a glorious coat.

  Gotta have JAVA to see the snow

hollygettingatrim.jpg (60026 bytes)Holly gets ready for the show...she loves to look her best, and co-operates nicely, sneaking any opportunity to give me a kiss while we are at it!

Holly achieves her Canadian Championship,lovingly handled by her Chris

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HollyMisc06.JPG (882022 bytes)...Holly has a loving temperament toward her "family", and those she knows. She is gentle and trusting of children. She is also the watchdog of the group, and definitely is the alpha female of our family! Holly is a very loving, attentive and conscientious mother to her pups. Holly gets along well with other dogs, but not until she lets them know that she is the boss!

hollyWhat a great day!Sebastian wins Best of Breed,andHolly wins Best of Opposite Sex!

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