Nobleheart Kennels

Registered Bernese Mountain Dogs

Parade of Champions


Can/Int'l Ch Arina's Cathryn's Brave Heart (Sebastian)




Can/Int'l Ch Chelledave's Catherine's Rapsody (Holly)




Can/Int'l Ch Nobleheart's Aragon (Jaxon)


 jaxon beautiful!



Can/Int'l Ch Nobleheart's Armand (Ben)

bens group four win edited



Can/Int'l Ch Nobleheart's Anastasia (Jazmine)



 jazmine new champion


Ch Nobleheart's Baron von Zurich (Baron)



baron new champion


Ch Nobleheart's Brandywine (Lucy)



Lucy Holidays at Christina Lake


Ch Nobleheart Celestial Solitaire (Celeste)


2006-07-31-16-54-14 - celeste june 2006 1


Ch Nobleheart's Blaise (Greta)


group 4 win greta


Ch Nobleheart's Dominic (Jake)




Ch Nobleheart's Dante (Hudson)



hudson 7


Ch Nobleheart's Deja Vu (Jada)


Jada cropped



Can/Int'l Ch Ashleyhollow Nobleheart Merrit, CGN (Buddy)


20080912225616buddy group 2 001


Ch Ashleyhollow Nobleheart's Hope (Mercedes)

mercedes new champion



Ch Birkenberner's Lily Marlena (Bonny)



 2006-04-24-12-36-42 - bonny s ckc ch photo


Ch Brightwater's Rain Dancer (Virginia)


BOS win 640x510 


Can/Am/Int'l Ch  Brightwater Where The Heart Is, CGN (Zhivago)


 zhivago and chris best puppy in group



Ch Nobleheart's Knight's Ransom (Ruby)  


gretas big win



Can/Int'l Ch  Nobleheart's Knight Arkuda (Bear)

 20071221200014bear 070






Can/Int'l Ch Nobleheart's Arabian Night (Sheera)

 sheera ckc championship


CH Nobleheart's Jedi Knight (Jed)

 JAS1390 lo 


CH Nobleheart's Desire (Desiree)


 des national speciatly sweeps win

Ch Nobleheart Valentino V Anabern (Valentino)


Tino new CH full

CH Nobleheart's Virtue "Virtue"


Virtue in snow 640x427


CH Nobleheart's Rigel (Rigel)

IMG 3982



CH Nobleheart There Goes Armani (Armani)

Armani BOB



CH Blackwater Border No. 5 V Nobleheart



Chanel at the BMDCA Nationals 2013