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Welcome to the wonderful world of Bernese Mountain Dogs. 



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Nobleheart Kennels, and our home is located in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, about one hour east of Vancouver.


We strive to produce puppies who possess the qualities of their parents and grandparents: magnificent presence; beauty; intelligence; wonderful disposition; breath-taking movement; optimum health.


Chris and I (Cathy) have had the honor of receiving the love and companionship of our "Berners" for fourteen years.  We just cannot imagine life without them! It seemed so natural to want to share such wonderful dogs with families that chose this breed, so with the help of dedicated, respected and knowledgeable mentors we started our breeding program over ten years ago.


Our journey has introduced us to many wonderful people who share a common vision.....a devotion and commitment to working toward the betterment of the breed.  Special thanks to Sharlene and Greg Whittaker of Arina Bernese Mountain Dogs (Langley, B.C.),  Georgeann and Bob Reeve of Brightwater Bernese Mountain Dogs (Virginia, USA), and Sherri and Dan Starbird of Peacefield Bernese Mountain Dogs (Maine USA), Anne and Greg Summers ( Washington, USA), George Narby and Bobbie Kinley-Blewett (New York USA) for allowing us to add their dogs to our family, and to our breeding program.


Please check links for comprehensive information about Bernese Mountain Dogs, health issues within the breed, and information regarding the selection of a puppy and breeder.


Do visit us again as we develop our website; we look forward to sharing pictures of our dogs as well as photos of the puppies who went to such terrific homes.